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Say No to Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

While the holiday season brings plenty of joy and celebration to go around, it’s also known for bringing unfortunate circumstances that leave a scarring impact on families and friends. This is heavy, but it needs to be heard. You’ve likely heard it most of your life, “don’t drink and drive.” But, there are many who … Continued

Start the New Year With a Clean Driving Record

Starting the year off right, even when you have an existing Driving Under the Influence charge in Kansas or Driving While Intoxicated charge in Missouri. When you think of a “new year’s resolution,” your first thoughts may gravitate towards starting a new workout plan, eating healthier, throwing away bad habits or perhaps setting personal or … Continued

7 Tips for Traveling Safe This Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? From office parties and family gatherings, to preparing your favorite holiday recipes and eating great food — this time of year is all about being together. The holiday season is also known as the busiest time of year for traveling. We’ve said it before — more time on the … Continued