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Start the New Year With a Clean Driving Record

What would it look like to start off the new year with a clean driving record?

When you think of a “new year’s resolution,” your first thoughts may gravitate towards personal and wellness goals. Maybe you’d like to start a new workout plan, eat healthier, or throw away a few bad habits. Rarely do you hear of anyone saying, “this year, I hope to work out less, eat more bad food, get into legal trouble, quit my job…” etc. It just doesn’t happen.

Even with a set plan, life brings many ups and down and the years don’t always go as planned. When mistakes are made and the unexpected happens, Kitchin Law Firm can help. Know someone you know has been been charged with driving under the influence in Kansas or driving while intoxicated in Missouri? Contact Kitchin Law Firm today at 913-558-6739!


New Year, New Driving

New Year’s Resolutions revolve around self-betterment, and while they aren’t for everyone, they are something to consider when it comes to setting goals and making calculated decisions.

But, there’s a reason why 80% of resolutions fail by the second week in February. Could it be a lack of discipline? Sure. Is the goal too lofty? Maybe. It could also happen as a result of poor decision making, or unexpected situations that sideline people from achieving their goals.

As a criminal defense and traffic ticket attorney for more than 25 years, Kitchin Law Firm is no stranger to the rocky moments that happen within the calendar year. From speeding tickets, to DUI/DWI and first time MIP charges to cases of domestic violence — we handle it all in a year.


3 Steps to Get You on Track for 2019

How about setting a resolution for all the times you’re behind the wheel of a car? You could consider one such as, ”driving the speed limit” or “not texting and driving.” If you have an existing DUI charge in Kansas or DWI charge in Missouri, you might choose something related to avoiding drinking and driving. This one not only takes your safety into consideration, but the safety of others on the road as well.

1. Identify Setbacks. To make strides for the new year, it can be helpful to reflect on all of the challenges you’ve had to walk through.

Maybe you chose to leave a dinner party after having a few too many drinks and you’ve had to deal with the ramifications of being charged with DUI or DWI. Or, you have a minor who got caught drinking and you’ve had to wrestle with how to handle their minor in possession charge. (Find more information for what to do when your child gets an MIP here).

No matter what you’ve been up against, a new year brings new opportunities for change. And with Kitchin Law Firm, you don’t have to walk through these tough situations alone.

2. Turn Setbacks into Opportunities. Keep things positive and see your setbacks as opportunities to improve your decision making in the future.

Did you make a decision you weren’t proud of? Did you get points on your license from yet another speeding ticket in Missouri? Rather than seeing these things as past failures, you can view them as opportunities to learn from and work towards making better decisions in the year aheads. (Learn how to Kitchin Law Firm can help you handle your Kansas and Missouri traffic ticket here).

3. Make Safe Driving a Top Priority. With the overwhelming amount of fatalities that happen while operating a motor vehicle every year, taking steps to make safety a priority should come second to none.

In 2017 alone, 37,133 people were killed in auto-related accidents. An estimated 10,874 of those fatalities happened as a result of drunk driving, with a driver having an illegal BAC of 0.8 or higher. And, 67% of those had at least one driver with a BAC of .15 or higher.


Distracted Driving Stats

Drunk driving isn’t the only thing keeping auto-related deaths on the rise. Distracted driving has become one of the most prominent issues (some call it an epidemic) leading to car accident injury and death on the road. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, estimates that 9 people in the U.S. die every day due to distracted driver.

It only takes 3 seconds after you take your eyes off the road for an accident to happen.

Distracted driving is any of the following (but not limited to):

– talking or texting on your phone
– reaching for your cup of coffee
– eating and drinking
– checking your GPS
– scrolling on social media
– checking your email

How can you make safe driving a priority for 2019? Keep your eyes on the road, both hands on the steering wheel, your mind free from distractions, and stay sober. In turn, this will help you avoid speeding tickets, unwanted DUI/DWI charges, and protect your driving record.


Kansas City’s Criminal Defense & Traffic Ticket Attorney

End of the year didn’t go as planned? If you’re bringing a speeding ticket or DUI/DWI charge into the New Year, your next step is to find the right legal representation.

Kitchin Law Firm has the experience and “know-how” when it comes to handling criminal defense and traffic ticket cases. Our attorney will fight to give you the clean driving record you need.  Contact us at 913-558-6739 to schedule your free consultation today!

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