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How to Take Control of A First Offense MIP

Have you ever had those mornings where you you wake up and realize that the events that took place the night before really did happen — no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t have?  In the wake of facing a first offense MIP, there are some key things you need to know when preparing to move forward the right way. And, Kitchin Law Firm is here to help.


What to Do for a First Offense MIP 

You have an MIP charge — what’s next? It’s vital to know of the potential consequences associated with an MIP conviction.

Get insights on how to take control while protecting your rights, your record and your future. 


4 STEPS for Taking Control of Your First MIP 


1. Talk to someone you trust. If you have an MIP charge, but you’re not sure where to go from there — talk to someone you can trust to help lead you towards building a strong foundation for your case.  

2. Know the consequences. MIP convictions aren’t issued without consequences. Having an experienced lawyer can work for your case and help minimize some of the consequences. These include losing your license or having an MIP conviction on your record. 

A few consequences for MIP convictions in Kansas and Missouri include:

  •  Public service hours
  •  Completion of an educational or training program related to alcohol or other substances
  •  Driver’s license suspension (30 days for first offense, 90 days for second offense and one year for a third or subsequent offense).

      See the Ultimate MIP Guide for Students to learn more about MIPs in Kansas and Missouri. 

3. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. While you’re never required to get a lawyer, it is highly recommended due to the negative implications MIPs can carry. Many people seek to hire a criminal defense attorney to help keep their record clean and avoid potential challenges and setbacks relating to obtaining a job, getting accepted into college, participating in school activities or renting an apartment — to name a few. 

4. Make informed decisions for your future. If there’s one to take away from your first MIP charge, it’s learning what not to do and equipping yourself for making better, informed decisions in the future. With the right representation working for you, you’ll have the support and confidence you need to make informed decisions to protect you and your future. 


The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have an MIP conviction in Kansas or Missouri and are looking for the right legal representation, contact Kitchin Law Firm at 816-945-2656. We look forward to supporting you!

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