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What To Do When Your Kid Gets an MIP

There’s no best practice for anticipating “the call” parents never want to get. If your kid is facing minor in possession charges in Kansas or Missouri, and you’re not sure what’s next — we’re here to help. 

When a kid enters high school or goes off to college, it’s only natural for parents to worry about them. Are they making good decisions? Who are they hanging out with?  Are they safe? These are all common questions.  And, no matter how much a kid may be set up for success — mistakes still happen. 

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Kitchin Law Firm stands by the commitment to support and advocate for parents and their kid’s future. For an attorney who can bring more than 25 years of experience to your minor’s case, contact Kitchin Law Firm today. 


3 Things to Do When Dealing With Your Child’s MIP 

Finding the best solution to handle your son or daughter’s MIP starts with understanding what options exist. You want the solution that protects their rights, record and future. 

Here are three things to consider when dealing with minor in possession charges: 


1.  Get the facts. Having the facts around the situation is integral to building a strong case. It’s necessary to know the events that led to the MIP, where it took place, and who else was involved. The more information you have, the better foundation built for your minor’s case.


2. Understand the possible consequences. It is against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol anywhere in the United States, but penalties do differ by state. To learn about the types of penalties for MIPs in Kansas and Missouri, you can find information in our Ultimate MIP Guide for Students.


3. Seek experienced legal representation. When a minor receives a conviction for MIP, one of the consequences to consider is that it goes on their record. This can negatively impact their ability to obtain a job, participate in school activities, or apply to college in the future. Seeking legal representation could be a critical step in reaching positive resolve for your minor’s case. 


Help Protect Your Kid’s Future

At Kitchin Law Firm, we understand that no one cares more about your kid’s future than you do. As your minor’s criminal defense attorney, we will fight to mitigate the penalties they may be facing with their record, and work to ensure their rights and future are protected. 

Contact Kitchin Law Firm today for a free consultation, and get the right legal representation at your minor’s defense. 

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