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Will an Out-of-State DUI Affect You in Kansas City?

You are likely well aware of the potential consequences you may face if you are charged with and convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) where you live. However, what you may not know is what will happen if you are charged with a DUI when you are vacationing or visiting another state? Will the DUI penalties and the charges go to different states?

There is a short answer and a long answer to this question. The short answer is that this is likely, but it isn’t automatic. Keep reading to learn what the long answer to this question is.

What to Know About the Out-of-State DUI Process

Unfortunately, if you are arrested outside your home state for DUI, the penalties that you face will follow you back home. The most common consequences include expensive fines, potential license suspension, and the possibility of a criminal conviction.

One of the main reasons for this is because the states have created several interstate agreements that allow offenses related to drunk driving carry from one state to another. Some include the Driver’s License Compact and the Non-Resident Violators Compact. With these agreements, the states that are involved will communicate with one another in relation to someone’s driving history. They can also prosecute the crimes that are committed in other states.

According to these agreements, if you are arrested for and then convicted of a DUI in a different state, you will likely experience the same penalties, as if the DUI arrest took place there.

Remember, though, it is highly dependent on where the DUI occurred and which state is your home state.

What to Do if You Are Dealing with an Out of State DUI

If you are charged with an out-of-state DUI, it is a good idea to do your research and know your rights. An even better step is to hire an attorney. With experienced legal help, you can fight the charges and reduce the penalties that you face. Make sure you don’t ignore the charges – they aren’t going to magically go away.

Even if things don’t get put in motion right away, actions will be taken, and the charges are going to eventually come home. The best option is to take a proactive stance on this and seek legal representation. This will help you achieve a potentially better outcome for the situation.

If you need help navigating an out-of-state DUI, contact Kitchin Law Firm today.

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