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Your Top 5 Kansas City Ordinance Violation Questions Answered

City ordinance violations are not what you would consider “cut and dry.” There are hundreds of different ordinances that can be violated based on a city’s laws and regulations. You may be someone who has had to file a report, or possibly have had one filed on you. For example, a neighbor could call about your lawn not being kept or “up to code,” or file a noise complaint.

With the numerous ordinances set by a city, it’s important to have at least a base level understanding of the ones that are in place in the city you live in. Often times if you have to question whether or not something is violating the law… chances are, it probably is!

If you’ve been issued a city ordinance violation in Kansas City, you may be at risk for unwanted fines. Positive note? You can avoid fines and protect your record with a trusted attorney. Get in touch with Kitchin Law Firm to discuss the best course of action today!

City Ordinance Violations in Kansas City

Ordinances can be confusing, unclear, and difficult to navigate. To help make things more clear, we’ve provided answers to a few common questions about city ordinance violations.

What is a city ordinance violation?

These are municipal laws or regulations set by a specific town, city, or county. Every city has their own set of ordinances, and no two cities have the same rules in place.

What are common ordinance violations in Kansas City?

Similar to other cities, Kansas City has broad list of city ordinances that one must adhere to.

Common ordinance violations may involve:

  • Property
  • Motor vehicle and Traffic
  • Animals
  • Parks

Take a violation involving animals, for instance. As a pet owner, it is unlawful to abandon an animal for more than 12 hours without intentions of providing food, water, and shelter while you’re gone. Same goes for “dumping” or releasing an animal roadside. (Sec. 14-11)

Many times, the ordinances most commonly violated are residential, and fall under the category of property and nuisances.
Nuisance code violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Littering or trash that is either bagged or scattered in view
  • Tall weeds and grass (over 10” in height)
  • Inappropriate storage of items (quick tip: interior furniture is meant for inside, not in your yard)

Property code violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Failing to register for property that is vacant
  • Damaged housing exterior that’s not properly secured (i.e. exposed broken windows)
  • Failure to get a permit for rental property

Kansas City has an extensive code of ordinances that you can find here.

What happens if you are issued an ordinance violation?

While city ordinance violations don’t usually result in harsh penalties, you will likely be responsible for appearing in court, and paying fines, if convicted. In some cases, traffic tickets may be charged as a city ordinance violation or misdemeanor.

When you violate a city ordinance, you need to be aware of your rights to:

You’ll never be forced to seek legal representation. However, if you choose not to hire an attorney, the conviction could appear on a background check and affect your record.

How can I get a municipal ordinance violation expunged?

Since every municipality has various rules and regulations, getting a violation expunged will depend on where it was issued. Your best bet is to get legal representation for your case.

An attorney can work with a prosecutor or judge to lessen the penalties you could be facing.

Where are court hearing held for city violations?

Court hearings for city violations are at the municipal court in the city in which the violation was issued.

For Kansas City violations, your hearing will take place at the Kansas City Municipal Court.

Kansas City Municipal Court
511 E 11th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106

If you decide to try and appeal the violation, the court hearing will be moved to the state court of the county the violation is in.

Kitchin Law Firm Can Fight Your Violation

To avoid a city ordinance conviction and see a reduction in fines, contact Kitchin Law Firm. John Kitchin has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to handle your case most effectively.

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