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At Kitchin Law Firm, our team puts special focus on defending clients’ rights when it comes to traffic violations and criminal defense cases in Kansas and Missouri. We are one of the most reputable law firms in the Olathe area, thanks to our strong dedication to every client.


If you have recently been convicted of a DWI or DUI offense and aren’t sure what to do next, our team of experienced lawyers is committed to protecting your rights. We can assist in many areas, whether you have speeding tickets on your record or an MIP. Don’t let your past legal battles be a burden anymore, we are here to provide the help you need. Kitchin Law Firm has the right knowledge and expertise to fight for you!

Repeat Offender DUI/DWI Attorney in Olathe

If you are currently facing more than one DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge, you could potentially be looking at jail time, fines, and/or a suspended driver’s license. These punishments can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have anyone to represent you in the court of law. That’s where Kitchin Law comes in. We make sure that you have a repeat offender DUI/DWI lawyer in Olathe that you can trust. Your lawyer will become familiar with the details of your case, address each issue, and fight to protect your rights and your future.

Felony dui/dwi attorney in olathe

A felony DUI or DWI charge is a more serious offense and is handled by the state. The punishment for a felony DUI/DWI offense may include a prison sentence, depending on the severity of the situation. Kitchin Law Firm will let you know what your rights are and be a supportive source during your case. Your felony DUI/DWI lawyer in Olathe will work on your behalf to reduce the severity of your DUI/DWI sentence. This could include reducing or removing jail time, having the conviction removed from your record, and helping you keep your license.

mip attorney in olathe

An MIP (Minor in Possession) charge is something that most people are not prepared for. When a young person is charged with a crime, especially if it is their first, they are often scared and not sure what steps to take next. One of the best options is to quickly contact a trustworthy attorney at Kitchin Law Firm. You’ll immediately be put in touch with a lawyer that will keep your best interests at the forefront. Your MIP lawyer in Olathe will work on your behalf to minimize or remove any punishments set forth in court. Our team is here to provide valuable support and knowledge during the most challenging circumstances.   

What to Do With an MIP

felony speeding ticket attorney in olathe

Felony speeding tickets are issued for more egregious violations. These often occur when the driver is going at least 20 mph over the speed limit. Charges for a felony speeding violation can be substantial, like loss of license, heavy fines, or even jail time. During difficult times like these, working with an experienced attorney is very critical. At Kitchin Law Firm, we will provide you with proper representation from a reputable felony speeding ticket lawyer in Olathe. We will always defend your rights and work tirelessly to remove or reduce any fines or sentences issued by the court. 

felony criminal attorney in Olathe

When facing a felony criminal offense charge, an attorney with the proper experience can guide you through the challenges coming your way. Kitchin Law Firm will provide you with a felony criminal lawyer in Olathe that puts your well-being, future, and rights at the forefront. We will defend you in court and make sure you are well represented at all times. We know that being charged with felony criminal activity is a serious offense and that your future can look uncertain. Let us walk beside you and provide the best protection possible.

drug possession attorney in olathe

Drug Possession Attorney

A drug possession charge can permanently affect your rights and your record. Needless to say, being charged with drug possession could have a drastic impact on your future. When facing an illegal drug possession charge, such as marijuana possession in Kansas, it is wise to put your trust in a reputable drug possession lawyer in Olathe.  At Kitchin Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through these difficult times. Our experienced team takes pride in protecting each client throughout the entire process. We will proudly represent you in court while protecting your rights at all times.

domestic violence attorney in olathe

Each year, thousands of people are victims of domestic violence in Kansas. It’s important to know that in a domestic violence case, the victims and individuals who might be falsely accused are protected by specific laws. If you are currently involved in a domestic violence case, contact our team at Kitchen Law Firm to discuss your options about the right to legal representation in the court of law. There are multiple degrees of domestic violence charges and it’s critical to have a domestic violence lawyer in Olathe that can guide you through all the steps along the way. Kitchin Law has many years of court room experience when it comes to domestic violence cases. Let us protect your future and your rights. 

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