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Understanding the Hidden Costs of a Kansas City DUI

The penalties and consequences you face when charged with a DUI in Kansas City are significant. You may lose your license, must pay expensive fines, and even spend time in jail. Depending on if you face your first, second, or third offense, you may face even more penalties.

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What Are the Potential Penalties for a Commercial DUI?

Regardless of what you drive, DUI charges are serious. However, if you have a CDL – commercial driver’s license – you will face more severe consequences if you are convicted of DUI in Kansas. Along with facing jail time and significant fines, you may lose your CDL, even if you were not operating the commercial … Continued

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What You Should Know About DUI Checkpoints

Each year, dozens of DUI checkpoints are set up throughout the state of Kansas. Often referred to as sobriety or saturation checkpoints, the primary goal of these is to ensure that someone who gets behind the wheel after drinking thinks twice.

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The Top Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

After being arrested for DUI, there is often a mix of emotions from anger and stress to worry and frustration. For many, this is the first experience they have ever had with criminal charges, and even when it is not, just the thought of the significant penalties can be quite upsetting.  During this time, it … Continued

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