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How Does Kansas and Missouri Treat an Out of State DUI/DWI Conviction?

If you face an out-of-state DUI charge, you may be wondering – what happens now? While most people know the laws related to DUI/DWI in their home state, they may not know the laws in a different state or how to handle the process.

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Juvenile Drivers and DUI/DWI in Missouri vs. Kansas

In both Kansas and Missouri, it’s illegal for adult drivers to operate a motor vehicle if they have a BAC (blood alcohol content) level over 0.08 percent. However, in both states, the standard for minors is much lower. Learn more about juvenile drivers and DUI/DWI laws in the states of Missouri and Kansas below.

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How Can a Prosecutor Prove Impairment in a DUI Marijuana Case?

There are restrictions regarding the use of marijuana across the country. While some states allow it to be used for medical purposes, others have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

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Commercial Driver License Holders and DUI/DWI in Kansas vs. Missouri

Anyone in Missouri or Kansas that has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and receives a DUI/DWI charge faces severe consequences if they are convicted. That’s because both states have stricter laws for professional drivers who operate a truck, taxi, or another commercial vehicle. In some cases, the individual may even lose their CDL – even … Continued

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