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Minor Traffic Violations

How to handle traffic violations

When handling minor traffic violations in Missouri or Kansas, it’s important to understand why you were issued the violation and what options you have at your defense. At Kitchin Law Firm, we specialize in handling a wide range of traffic violations, from minor infractions to more serious offenses. Understanding the nuances of traffic law is crucial, especially when it comes to distinguishing between moving and non-moving violations. Inattentive driving and careless driving are commonly classified as moving violations, which can impact your driving record and potentially lead to fines. At Kitchin Law Firm, we fight to protect your record and ensure that traffic tickets don't get the last word.

Speeding Ticket


Non-Moving Violation

Reckless or Careless & Imprudent Driving

Suspended or Revoked License


The majority of prosecutors in Kansas City are willing to consider a plea agreement, diversion agreement or other types of amendments involving speeding tickets and other moving violations. Having a traffic attorney can help you avoid common issues with speeding and moving violation traffic tickets. These issues include:

  • Recording of points or moving violations on your driving record
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Job or employment implications
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Possible jail time

If a  driver receives a conviction for a moving traffic violation in Missouri (i.e. running a stop light or failure to yield) because of an accident, the driver will get the applicable number of points associated with the moving violation and additional points for the accident itself.

In Missouri and Kansas, if the Director of Revenue determines that the operator or owner of a motor vehicle involved in an accident did not have insurance, the operator/owner will be mailed a notice of suspension. If suspension occurs, there are several requirements that the uninsured vehicle owner/operator must fulfill prior to having their driver’s license reinstated after serving the applicable suspension period, which could be up to 12 months. These include:

  • Continuous SR-22 “proof of insurance” filings as required by Kansas and Missouri.
  • Paying the appropriate reinstatement fee to the Department of Revenue as required by Kansas and Missouri.

Finally, you need to understand that in both Missouri and Kansas, if you are at fault for the accident and you or your insurance company do not pay the damages, your driver’s license will be suspended.

Non-moving traffic violations are violations which do not result in points and a conviction going on your driving record. Examples of non-moving violations in Missouri include a failure to register a motor vehicle and failure to display plates. Non-moving violations in Kansas may include inattentive driving and careless driving. Non-moving violations  typically involve infractions that do not directly affect traffic flow, such as parking violations. It’s essential to comprehend what constitutes a minor traffic violation versus a major offense, as minor moving violations like minor speeding tickets can still have repercussions on your driving privileges. Before pleading guilty:

  • Understand why the violation was issued
  • Make sure charges are considered non-moving violations in the state that issued your driver’s license
  • Seek legal advice for a clear understanding of the violation

Drivers must exercise the highest degree of care while operating a vehicle. Reckless Driving or Careless and Imprudent Driving in Kansas and Missouri can lead to costly fines, an assessment of points on your driving record, license suspension, jail time and insurance rate increases. Before pleading guilty:

  • Understand the possible penalties of the charge
  • Know how your driving record could be negatively impacted
  • Find legal representation to fight on your behalf

If your license was suspended or revoked in Kansas or Missouri, there may be options to help get your license reinstated depending on the reason for your suspension.

Kitchin Law Firm is here to help with:

  • Cleaning and repairing your driving record
  • Motions to set aside moving violation conviction from your driving record because you entered a guilty plea without knowing the impact on your driver’s license

Cars sitting in traffic. When you get a charge for DUI (driving under the influence) in Kansas, or DWI (driving while intoxicated) in Missouri, you must take immediate action to protect your rights. A DUI/DWI can result in fines, jail time, revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, and the possibility of a felony record. While a DUI is not considered a minor traffic violation due to its severe nature and legal implications, minor driving violations such as inattentive driving may result in relatively lower ticket costs in Kansas. Whether you’re facing a minor traffic violation or a more significant charge, our team at Kitchin Law Firm is dedicated to providing expert legal guidance and representation to help you navigate the complexities of traffic law with confidence.

It’s critical to take the right steps as soon as you can:

  • Know your rights
  • Write everything down
  • Contact an experienced lawyer
  • Request an administrative hearing
  • Review your options
DUI/DWI charge? We can help.

If you are facing DUI/DWI charges in Kansas or Missouri and are looking for the right legal representation to have at your defense, learn how Kitchin Law Firm can fight to keep your record clean.

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An average of 112,000 people receive speeding tickets every day IN THE U.S.

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