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Felony Attorney in Kansas City: The Incredible Impact of Felony Convictions on Future Employment

Felony Attorney in Kansas City: The Incredible Impact of Felony Convictions on Future EmploymentIn the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City stands as a beacon of culture, growth, and opportunity. However, beneath its vibrant skyline and bustling streets, many individuals face the daunting challenges that come with having a felony conviction that is why they need a felony attorney in Kansas City. The repercussions of a felony record extend far beyond the legal penalties imposed in court.

They seep into nearly every facet of one’s life, particularly affecting employment prospects and various life opportunities. For those navigating the aftermath of such convictions in Kansas City, the road ahead can seem fraught with obstacles, making the journey toward rehabilitation and reintegration an uphill battle.

The stigma attached to a felony conviction is pervasive, explains Kitchin Law Firm – where you can find an experienced felony lawyer in Kansas City. A felony conviction can often lead to societal exclusion and diminished self-worth among those affected. In Kansas City, as in much of the United States, the consequences of this stigma are not just social but also practical, influencing one’s ability to secure employment, housing, and more. Understanding these impacts is crucial for individuals, families, and communities working towards creating more inclusive environments that support second chances and reduce recidivism.

This blog post aims to shed light on the specific ways in which a felony conviction can alter the trajectory of a person’s life in Kansas City, offering insights into the challenges faced by a felony attorney in Kansas City and highlighting the importance of supportive measures in fostering successful reentry into society.


The Far-Reaching Effects of a Felony Conviction

Employment Opportunities The most immediate and palpable impact of a felony conviction is often felt in the realm of employment. Many employers are hesitant to hire individuals with a criminal record, fearing potential risks or reputational damage. This hesitancy can severely limit the types of jobs available to felons, relegating them to lower-paying positions with fewer benefits and advancement opportunities. In Kansas City, where the job market is competitive, a felony conviction can be a significant barrier to financial stability and professional growth. A felony lawyer in Kansas City, will help you with the process and try to negotiate so this does not happen.


Housing Accessibility: Securing stable housing is another significant challenge for those with felony convictions. Landlords and housing authorities frequently conduct background checks, and a felony record can disqualify applicants from renting apartments or obtaining mortgages. This situation can lead to housing instability, homelessness, or the necessity to reside in less safe neighborhoods a felony attorney in Kansas City explains, further complicating the path to reintegration.


Educational Advancements: Pursuing higher education or vocational training can be crucial for career development, but felony convictions can complicate access to these resources. Some educational institutions may deny admission based on criminal history, while certain convictions can render individuals ineligible for federal financial aid, limiting their ability to afford schooling.


Social and Civic Participation: A felony attorney in Kansas City can also help if they pursue restricting  civic engagement, affecting voting rights, eligibility for public office, and the ability to serve on a jury. In Missouri, individuals with felony convictions can have their voting rights restored upon completion of their sentence, including probation or parole. However, the loss of these rights, even temporarily, can lead to a sense of disconnection from the community and hinder full participation in democratic processes.


Professional Licenses and Certifications: Many professions require licenses or certifications that can be difficult or impossible to obtain with a felony record. This limitation can block access to entire career paths, particularly in fields such as healthcare, education, and law. For individuals in Kansas City aspiring to these professions, a felony conviction can necessitate a complete reevaluation of their career goals and aspirations.


Personal Relationships and Mental Health: Beyond these practical considerations, the stigma of a felony conviction can strain personal relationships and contribute to mental health challenges. The experience of being marginalized can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression, complicating efforts to rebuild one’s life and maintain positive social connections.


Felony Attorney in Kansas City


Building Bridges to Opportunity

Despite these challenges, there are pathways to rebuilding a life marked by fulfillment and contribution to society. Community organizations, legal advocacy groups, a felony attorney in Kansas City and supportive policies play crucial roles in assisting individuals with felony convictions in overcoming these barriers. Efforts to promote fair chance hiring practices, provide access to affordable housing, and offer educational scholarships are critical in fostering reentry success. Moreover, initiatives aimed at expunging or sealing criminal records can significantly improve employment and housing prospects for eligible individuals.

In Kansas City, the community’s commitment to inclusivity and support for all its members, regardless of past mistakes, is key to unlocking the potential of those affected by felony convictions. By focusing on rehabilitation, rather than punishment alone, we can create a more equitable society that values redemption and offers genuine opportunities for growth and success.


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  1. Know Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with your legal rights upon being charged. This foundational step is crucial for navigating the process ahead with confidence.
  2. Understand the Consequences: Recognize the potential outcomes of your case, including fines, jail time, or the impact on your record. Knowing what’s at stake can help in making informed decisions.
  3. Seek Legal Representation: Hiring a criminal defense attorney is vital. They can offer the necessary support and representation to protect your rights and potentially mitigate the consequences you’re facing.
  4. Contact Kitchin Law Firm: If you’re dealing with misdemeanor or felony charges in Kansas or Missouri, reaching out to a felony attorney in Kansas City at Kitchin Law Firm can be a strategic move to manage your case effectively.


Felony Laws in Kansas and Missouri

Felony Laws in Kansas:

In Kansas, the approach to sentencing felonies involves a detailed sentencing grid that categorizes crimes into drug-related and non-drug-related offenses. The sentencing is influenced by two main factors:

  1. Severity Level of the Crime: For drug crimes, severity levels range from 1 to 5, with level 1 representing the most severe offenses and level 5 the least. Non-drug crimes are classified from levels 1 to 10, following the same severity logic.
  2. Criminal History: The individual’s past criminal record impacts sentencing, categorized from “A” to “I”. “A” indicates a history of three or more felonies, while “I” represents one misdemeanor conviction or none at all.

Felony Laws in Missouri:

Missouri categorizes felonies into classes from A to E, each carrying different potential prison terms:

  • Class A: 10 years to 30 years or life imprisonment.
  • Class B: 5 years to 15 years in prison.
  • Class C: 3 years to 10 years in prison.
  • Class D: Up to 7 years in prison.
  • Class E: Up to 4 years in prison.


Felony Attorney in Kansas City

Finding the Right Defense Attorney for Misdemeanors and Felonies

Navigating legal challenges without expert defense can compromise the outcome of your case. Kitchin Law Firm offers over 25 years of experience in defending rights and securing futures. A criminal record can significantly affect various aspects of life, such as housing, education, and employment opportunities as discussed previously. However, being accused does not automatically make you a criminal.

With Kitchin Law Firm, a felony lawyer in Kansas City, you gain a partner dedicated to building a robust defense for your case, aiming for the best possible resolution.

When to Hire a Lawyer:

Understanding the critical importance of professional legal representation is essential. Discover how Kitchin Law Firm can advocate for your future.

Note: The decision to hire a felony lawyer in Kansas City, should be made with careful consideration, beyond just advertisements. Information provided here is for educational purposes and not legal advice. Results vary per case, and no attorney-client relationship is established through this content.


In conclusion, the impact of a felony conviction on future employment and life opportunities in Kansas City is profound, touching various aspects of an individual’s life and posing significant obstacles to reintegration. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these challenges are not insurmountable.

With the right support systems in place from a felony lawyer in Kansas City, and a community-oriented approach to addressing these issues, individuals can overcome the stigma of a felony conviction and embark on a path toward a brighter future. As a society, our collective efforts to provide second chances and champion policies that support reentry can transform lives, enrich our communities, and foster a culture of forgiveness and understanding. Let us embrace the potential for change and work together to ensure that a felony conviction does not define a person’s entire story. A felony attorney in Kansas City, can help you!



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