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Rough Start to 2019? How Kitchin Law Firm Can Help With MIPs

Coming off the holiday season doesn’t always bring a “new year, new you” kind of beginning. New Year’s Eve plans and parties are known to not always live up to the hype or deliver on what was expected, especially for minors. If you’ve received an MIP in Kansas or Missouri, it’s important to know what … Continued

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Don’t Let DUI Charges Get in the Way of 2019

Not every year has the desired happy ending we’re all hoping for. Holiday plans sometimes take a negative turn by putting people into situations where smart decision making is less likely to happen. For the moments you don’t plan for and the DUI charges you don’t expect, Kitchin Law Firm is here to help. If … Continued

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Say No to Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

While the holiday season brings plenty of celebration to go around, it’s also known for bringing tough circumstances. Unfortunately, these circumstance can leave a scarring impact on families and friends. You’ve likely heard it most of your life, “don’t drink and drive.” But, there are many who still choose to turn a blind eye to … Continued

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Start the New Year With a Clean Driving Record

What would it look like to start off the new year with a clean driving record? When you think of a “new year’s resolution,” your first thoughts may gravitate towards personal and wellness goals. Maybe you’d like to start a new workout plan, eat healthier, or throw away a few bad habits. Rarely do you … Continued

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