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What Is a Drug Recognition Expert?

A Drug Recognition Expert, or DRE, is a law enforcement officer who has received unique training to recognize signs of impairment in drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   Table of Contents What Is a DRE? DRE in Kansas Hire an Attorney for Help with DRE Assessments What Is a DRE? … Continued

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Tips to Get a Bench Warrant Cleared in Kansas City

Bench warrants are issued “from the bench” by a judge. They notify you that you did not obey a given court order and, sometimes, provide law enforcement the ability to arrest you. However, this does not mean a bench warrant is the same thing as an arrest warrant1. One of the most significant differences between … Continued

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The Impact of a DUI on Your Commercial Driver’s License

Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Kansas? If so, you may face severe consequences if you are convicted of DUI. While the penalties for a DUI in Kansas while driving a typical passenger vehicle1 are severe and often life-altering, those accompanying a commercial DUI are even worse. For example, if you drive … Continued

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Kansas City Penalties for Speeding in School Zones

When school is in session, drivers need to take additional steps and use caution to keep everyone safe. Each year, students of all ages are injured and killed in auto-related accidents that occur on or close to school property. It takes just a split second for accidents to happen, which means it is your responsibility … Continued

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