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Say No to Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

While the holiday season brings plenty of joy and celebration to go around, it’s also known for bringing unfortunate circumstances that leave a scarring impact on families and friends. This is heavy, but it needs to be heard. You’ve likely heard it most of your life, “don’t drink and drive.” But, there are many who … Continued

What To Do When Your Kid Gets an MIP

When a kid enters high school or goes off to college for the first time, it’s only natural for parents to worry about who they’ll become, what decisions they’ll make and how their future will pan out. But, no matter how much a kid may be set up for success — mistakes still happen.  There’s … Continued

How to Take Control of Your First MIP

Have you ever had those mornings where you you wake up and realize that the events that took place the night before really did happen — no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t have?  In the wake of being charged with your first minor in possession (MIP), there are some key things you need … Continued

Ultimate MIP Guide for Students

As young people enter into the exciting new phases of high school and college experiences —  the context of “fun” can start taking on a different meaning. Kids begin seeking more independence and are often lured in by venturing out and trying new things. It’s a time when opportunities to drink alcohol rise up more … Continued