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How a DUI Conviction May Affect Your Education

Most people will make a mistake or two while they are young. Some mistakes are more serious than others, but all can have a negative effect on your prospects, especially if they involve an encounter with law enforcement. If the encounters result in a conviction, the negative impact will usually be more significant.

Also, not all people who graduate from high school and who are applying for college (or any college applicants) are juveniles. A DUI conviction can have a serious impact on an adult college applicant, too.

Colleges Aren’t Required to Accept You

Getting into college is challenging and even more challenging to get into a good college. It’s important to have a spotless and problem-free background.

Having a past DUI conviction is not a part of a “good background.” Also, hiding a DUI is difficult, even if it occurred when you were still a juvenile.

While there are some situations where a DUI charge can be expunged, it takes time and requires you to meet an array of requirements. If this doesn’t happen, it means you have to be honest if you are asked if you were convicted of a crime. Remember, it is required that you are honest on your college application. If you lie and the college finds out, you will be expelled.

Also, there are some colleges and universities that won’t accept applicants who have a past DUI conviction. Some schools even run background checks on applicants, and they can deny or revoke scholarships to an applicant with a DUI conviction or an arrest. This is even more likely if you have several DUI arrests or convictions.

Even if you have just a single DUI conviction, colleges may only admit you if you complete a drug or alcohol counseling program.

Impact of a DUI After College

Even if you are currently in college, a DUI can have serious negative impacts on your entire academic career. Some schools may revoke financial aid or scholarships once you have received the DUI, and you may be evicted from your on-campus housing. Remember, all this is dependent on where you go to college and their stance on this situation. Knowing the consequences of a DUI can help you see why avoiding this is so important. The best way to avoid a DUI is by never drinking and driving.

If you are facing a DUI charge and are worried about how it may affect your college education, one of the best things you can do is to hire an experienced and reputable attorney. Contact Kitchin Law Firm today.

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